Davy Jones Bait Co

2 Pack - "Hand Poured" Big Azz Paddle Tails (Rig em however you want)


2 Pack

***Please allow a few extra days when adding these to your order as they are done per order!

Made to Order. Allow 5-7 days for shipping.

These are each hand poured in small batch in our standard colors with our firmest plastic for saltwater "toothy critters". 

Rig em with a large jig head, weighted Beast hook or as a trolling rig.

They come with a Hook Pocket to allow all three.

*Standard Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch as these are custom made by hand and depending on the size and density of the type of bait

Will add "Dead Eye" Mirrored Black 3D eyes upon request or get them without. 

Lengths 6" and 7.25"

With 10mm eye pocket

Hock Slots for Weedless Hooks or you can run Jig heads and/or trolling rigs with skirt and Tuna hook